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 Concrete brick appeared on the surface of shallow thin and basically no poor approximate straight line crack. Sometimes crack article also extends to the side or top surface. This is mostly left hidden trouble. Improper roasting with brake, crack expansion. Therefore, we should properly reduce the plasticity index of raw materials, adjust the speed and the spiral angle of spiral reamer mobile block making machine, use the separated type spiral reamer, and add to play mud stick in the mud cylinder to reduce the sludge layer. Or use hot water, steam and stir, de-airing and other measures to reduce the sludge in the water and air to eliminate segregation. Roasting should correct with brake, uniform moisture removal and points to carry out the door lock, etc.

Brick surface have a layer of white powder, this is a brick residual magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate and other soluble inorganic salt, after absorbing water seepage surface after evaporation residue. Because of the body containing a certain amount of water of crystallization, dehydration after inflation, therefore, in the surface layer of generic cream will also split brick. Therefore, we should control especially after a change of magnesium content in the sludge is less than 3%. Strengthen crush, improve fineness and extend roasting and heat preservation time, make the silicate generate insoluble in water, reduce or eliminate hazards.
Retuned brick
In addition to the retuned brick from underburnt, invisible cracks resulted from the type and the material in the soil too many impurities, invisible layer mixing unevenness. Wet billet is in the preheat temperature, has been frost adobes and bricks in tropical absorption of moisture condensation, etc all can form micro cracks, cause retuned brick, sudden cold forming micro cracks etc, can also cause retuned brick. To this, in addition to should strengthen raw material processing, eliminate impurities, fully blending, improving the related parameters of the china block making machine, also should pay attention not to burn high temperature slab, billet frost and at the same time should guarantee good preheating, long enough insulation tape.
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