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 Because brick making machine the concept is very big, so can be divided into many types. The classification according to the molding pressure and molding moisture content, block machine can be divided into four types.

1. Semi-dry pressing brick molding machine
This block machine is big molding pressure and low moisture content, because it is pressure molding instead of extrusion forming, the production process is interrupted. So the efficiency is  low, and choose this model block is few.
2. Hydraulic block machine
This block machine is big molding pressure (2.5mpa to 4.5mpa) and less moisture (12% to 14%), and it is extrusion molding, so is the high efficiency. This block making is suitable for shale, coal gangue and other low plasticity materials (plastic index more than 7), and meet the national wall materials reform policies, thus has developed rapidly, which has been widely applied.
3. Half-hard shaping brick machine
This block making machine is small molding pressure and big moisture, can be suitable for  raw materials better plastic. Such as: high plasticity index of coal gangue (plastic index above 8.5), or coal gangue clay, shale, fly ash and clay, shale, or all is clay, shale. More burning technology used in secondary yards, if a code burning process, setting layers generally is 9-12 layer, can meet a tunnel kiln of annual output of 60 million pieces of standard brick design capability.
4. Soft shaping block machine
This block making machine is small molding pressure, big moisture, can be suitable for clay brick and need second code to burn. But due to the china block making machine price is low, the brick factory investment is very little, low cost of lay brick. Coupled with the Regional differences of national wall policy, so the soft shaping block machine present market still exists.
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