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 Main Process Bona brand block production line

1. Raw material: Store the fly-ash, lime and gypsum after milling to the needed fineness 
2. Mixing the fly-ash, cement, lime, gypsum and water in the pot after batching. 
3. Making the material through the conveyor belt to the storehouse.
4. Choose the mold of the hydraulic brick making machine you need to product different bricks.
5. Using the setting machine to put the bricks onto the steam curing cart which is important to the brick making line.
6. Autoclave curing after the trolley enter into the autoclave (vacuum, rise the pressure, keep the pressure, reduce the pressure), keeping the constant pressure 1.2MPa. The whole process needs about 8 hours. This it the key to making bricks.
7. The products out of the autoclave are placed in a stack. We can recycle the scrap and the waste water from the whole production. 
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