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 Sometimes also can appear some quality problems.Especially in block forming strength this area.Actually related to the intensity of the block is formed after the block compactness.If product molding compactness is not enough, after the dry strength can not meet the requirements of, affect block compactness in addition to raw materials, hydraulic system, mixing system, could also affect the block compactness.

Using cement block making machine production of raw materials, customers should be very clear.Is basically a cement as main ingredient, some also with other auxiliary materials.Look from the cement block machine production process, first contact is stirring.If the stirring time is too short and not make two kinds of raw materials sufficient mixing together, production situation occurs.Another is maintenance didn't pay attention to the hydraulic system and vibration system of some failure, can lead to production when the amplitude and the hydraulic pressure is not enough, so that the raw material molding cannot fully solidified together, when the block strength is not enough.
If you are not in the correct operation to use block molding machine production, there is a problem of the possibility is very large, hope to be able to pay close attention to our website at any time, and summarizes some experience and help solve encountered in the production of doubt, and thus produce better.
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